Heather Hunter: An Insight into Her Life and Career


Heather Hunter

Heather Keisha Hunter, born on October 1, 1969, and nicknamed Double H, has led a multifaceted career in entertainment. Growing up in the Bronx, New York City, she started as a dancer before entering the adult film industry. Over the years, Hunter has taken on various roles, including rapper, painter, author, and pornographic actress, earning her place in the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame.

As an adult film actress, Hunter also pursued her passion for music and released tracks like “I Want It All Night Long.” In addition to her music career, her lifelong ambition to be a dancer on the popular TV show “Soul Train” became a reality. As a painter and author, she has further expanded her creative endeavors, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment world.

While some consider Heather Hunter’s career scandalous due to her involvement in the adult film industry, her perseverance and passion for various art forms undeniably contributed to her iconic status in African American history and entertainment.

Heather Hunter

Early Life and Career

New York City and Soul Train

Heather Keisha Hunter was born on October 1, 1969, in The Bronx, New York. As a young aspiring performer, she sought opportunities to showcase her talents. Hunter started her career as a Soul Train dancer, demonstrating her skills in the renowned music show. Her time on Soul Train introduced her to the entertainment world and allowed her to form connections in the industry.

The Latin Quarter and Striptease

In addition to her dancing talents, Heather Hunter began working as a striptease artist. She frequented the iconic Latin Quarter nightclub in New York City. This experience enabled her to develop her stage presence further and brought her significant attention from patrons and fellow performers. Hunter honed her craft at the Latin Quarter and became a well-known figure in the city’s entertainment scene.

Adult Film Industry

Vivid Entertainment and AVN Hall of Fame

Heather Hunter, also known as Double H, began her career in the adult film industry in the late 80s. She became one of the first African-American women to sign an exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment, a prestigious adult film company. The milestone was a significant step toward Heather’s rising popularity as a pornographic actress.

During her active years in the industry, Heather was well-known for partaking in various film categories, such as interracial, lesbian, and bisexual scenes. Thanks to her remarkable career, she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2003, a testament to her lasting impact on the adult film world.

Notable Films and Co-Stars

Heather Hunter starred in numerous films that contributed to her fame and success. Some of her notable films include “Heather Hunted,” “Ginger on the Rocks,” and “The Return of the A-Team.” Heather worked alongside other legendary adult film stars in many of these productions, showcasing her versatility and talent.

A few of her esteemed co-stars are:

  • Hyapatia Lee: Known for being the first Native American adult film actress, Hyapatia had a long career in the industry and is also a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.
  • Angel Kelly: Another trailblazer in the adult film world, Angel Kelly was one of the first African-American women to rise to prominence in the industry and held a place in the AVN Hall of Fame.
  • Nina Hartley: Boasting an impressive career as a performer, director, and sex educator, Nina Hartley is a renowned name in the adult film industry and has been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

As a famous pornographic actress, Heather Hunter made her mark in the adult film industry by breaking barriers, creating memorable on-screen moments, and leaving a lasting legacy.

Music and Art

Rap Career and Collaborations

Heather Hunter, also known as Double H, is an American rapper who transitioned from a career as a well-known adult film actress to a successful musician. She released her rap album, “Double H: The Unexpected,” under Island Records 1999. The album includes collaborations with prominent figures in the rap music industry, such as Above The Law and Bubba Sparxxx.

In addition to her solo work, Heather Hunter had connections with renowned artists such as 2Pac (Tupac Shakur). She appeared in one of his music videos, “How Do U Want It,” which further solidified her presence in the rap music scene.

Artistic Endeavors

Apart from her musical career, Heather Hunter is a talented painter and visual artist. She founded her own art media company called H2 Art LLC, which showcases her diverse creative pursuits, such as photography, painting, and sculpture art. With Artcore-NYC, Hunter organized and curated several events where she exhibited her artwork in open galleries, effectively expanding her artistic reach.

Hunter’s paintings often draw from her life experiences, blending her personal and professional journeys into visually captivating works of art. As an accomplished musician and visual artist, Heather Hunter continues to make a lasting mark in music and art.

Post-Adult Film Career

Author and Photographer

After retiring from the adult film industry, Heather Hunter established a career as an author and photographer. Drawing from her experiences in the adult film industry, she wrote a novel titled Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star. As a photographer, Hunter focused on capturing artistic and tasteful images, showcasing her talent behind the lens.

Acting and Television Appearances

Hunter also made a name for herself in mainstream media through acting and television appearances. She had roles in both low-budget movies and mainstream films. Some of her notable film appearances include:

  • “Frankenhooker”: Heather Hunter played a minor role in this 1990 comedic horror film, adding a touch of her own humor and performance skills to the character.
  • “Bulletproof Diva”: Hunter showcased her acting versatility by taking on the role of a tough, no-nonsense character in this action-packed film.

Aside from feature films, Hunter appeared in several television shows throughout her post-adult film career. Some highlights include:

  • “The Robin Byrd Show”: Hunter was a frequent guest on this late-night adult cable television show, engaging in provocative discussions and displaying her charismatic personality.
  • “Soul Train”: Before her adult film career, Heather Hunter was a Soul Train dancer; she later returned to the popular TV show in various capacities, contributing her charisma and dancing talent.

Heather Hunter starred in several lesbian-themed films throughout her acting career, demonstrating her range as an actress and performer. With her transition from adult films to mainstream media, Hunter has proven to be a multifaceted talent, capable of adapting to various roles and industries.

Personal Life and Relationships

Heather Hunter, born on October 1, 1969, in The Bronx, New York, is a multi-talented individual known for her career as a rapper, painter, author, and former pornographic actress. She is of African-American ethnicity and belongs to Generation X. As a Libra, Hunter is said to be diplomatic, charming, and peace-loving.

Throughout her life, Heather has had various relationships with well-known personalities. She identifies as bisexual and has dated men and women from different walks of life. Her most notable relationships include those with Tupac Shakur, Bill Maher, Kool G Rap, and fellow adult star Tom Byron. Despite being in numerous relationships, information about her possible children is unavailable.

Besides her romantic involvements, Hunter has also demonstrated a keen interest in dancing. During her younger years, she pursued her passion by participating in the popular TV show “Soul Train.” Heather used this opportunity to showcase her dance skills and boost her presence in the entertainment industry.

In recent years, Heather has managed to maintain a low profile regarding her personal life and relationships. This decision has allowed the 53-year-old to focus on her other interests and art forms while still keeping her fans intrigued by her talent and accomplishments.

Financial and Professional Success

Heather Hunter has demonstrated remarkable financial and professional success in her career. Although her specific net worth, salary, and earnings are not publicly disclosed, it is apparent that her various roles and accomplishments have contributed to her wealth and reputation.

Hunter started her career as a dancer on the popular TV show “Soul Train.” Despite her challenges in hiding her identity, she persisted and achieved her lifelong ambition of becoming a dancer. This experience likely provided her with lucrative opportunities and exposure in the entertainment industry.

In addition to her dancing career, Heather also found immense success in the adult film industry. Her popularity within the business helped her establish a name for herself and contributed to her overall financial gains.

Later in her career, Heather transitioned to marketing and corporate roles, leveraging her skills and experience to make a lasting impact in these fields. One noteworthy achievement includes her appointment as the Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Rockwell Medical, Inc. This executive position likely came with a substantial salary and contributed to her financial success.

Moreover, Heather serves as the Principal at Heather Hunter Marketing. As a dynamic and strategic marketing communications executive and consultant, she offers her expertise in various aspects of marketing, including writing, editing, project management, and event production. Her experience in this role likely adds to her earnings and overall net worth.

Heather Hunter’s diverse and successful career, from dancing and adult films to marketing and corporate positions, showcases her financial and professional success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Heather Hunter?

Heather Keisha Hunter, born on October 1, 1969, is a multifaceted American artist who has dabbled in various fields such as acting, rapping, painting, and writing.

What does she do?

Heather Hunter is known for her endeavors in numerous industries. She initially gained fame as an adult film actress, and later she pursued other career paths, such as rapping, painting, and writing.

Is Heather an actress?

Yes, Heather Hunter has worked as an actress. She is mainly known for her adult film career and has been inducted into the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame.

Does she write books?

Yes, Heather Hunter adds writing to her list of pursuits. She has explored this side of her creativity as an author, although the search results do not mention specific book titles.

Notable career highlights?

Some notable highlights of Heather Hunter’s career include:

  • Earning membership in the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, recognizing her successful adult film career.
  • Transitioning from adult film to becoming an acclaimed rapper and photographer.
  • Induction into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2003.

From the archives


Heather has appeared in numerous XXX flicks with creative titles like “Coming on America” and “Cream On.” Now retired over ten years she has turned her attention towards a budding musical career. Known for her X-rated exploits from back in the day Heather Hunter has put down Other People’s “Property” to pick up the mic releasing a house record and most recently hiphop collabs with Bubba Sparxx and Akinyele. Now she is readying her own debut “HH: The Unexpected” that will feature beats from highly lauded producers like DJ Premier, Scott Storch, Kid Capri and Mr. Cee among others. She is also planning to open up a bikini bar called Hunters in conjunction with Timbaland and DJ Clue. With the melding of hiphop and porn these days we figure who better to talk to than someone who has been on both sides.

Halftime (Jbutters): What exactly got you into the porn industry in the first place and after that how did you become interested in rhyming and singing?

Heather Hunter: I’ve been around since the beginning of hiphop. I grew up with a lot of friends in the hip hop industry since the Latin Quarters days. I just took a different path for a second and I figured I’d catch up with them along the way. But I got into the erotic business at the age of eighteen I went from the hiphop phase to the Hollywood industry of adult porn. I did it from the age of eighteen to twenty-one and I’ve been retired now for about ten years from that business. I didn’t expect to blow up and become an icon like they are saying but I ran with it. With me I have a lot of creative talents and sex is just not it. I think that naturally everyone knows how to have sex. I tried to master it while I was doing that profession but music has always been in my heart. My first house music record was out on Tommy Boy and then I figured I’d come back to my roots which is hiphop.

Halftime (Jbutters): I would think there would be an issue of doing mainstream work having porn on the resume. Have you come across any issues when you approached people with your projects?

HH: Even when I was in the adult industry the mainstream capitalized off of me by putting me on their shows. I’ve done a lot of TV shows and hosted BET pay per views called Luke’s Peep Show then it became the Heather Hunter Peep show. When it got to house music it wasn’t really hard. The house crowd has unconditional love when they let you in so that’s why my product with House did really well and hit on the billboard charts. When it came to hiphop and rhyming people didn’t know I knew how to flow or had lyrical talents so when it came down to being shopped having connections with all the hiphop icons helped the doors come open easier. The product I have on the album is amazing and speaks for himself. I’ve been doing this for so long, having a seventeen year career in the entertainment business, no matter what I do whether its porn, music or my club I think I put in enough time in to get that respect for the doors to open.

Halftime (Marcus): First thing I wanted to know is when you are making a movie how does it feel to be in a room full of people and actually having sexual activity?

HH: Haha!

Halftime (Jbutters): Haha, everybody all up in your scene like turn your ass more towards the camera.

HH: It’s a turn on. As an entertainer you’re gonna do your best in front of the camera so you love to have an audience. So I shine even more when I’m in front of an audience. It feels great that’s my viagra. It stimulates me to do my best. At least that’s the Libra in me.

Halftime (Marcus): I’ve always wondered when you got the camera set up and the guy waiting there to shoot the scene do you just get aroused automatically.

HH: Yea, being an XXX rated adult star you have to have some type of freak in you. It’s passion to it. It’s another stimulation to make things better. I’ve been an exhibitionist all my life so it’s a natural thing for me. That’s why I took the path into the porn industry to express that side of me.

Halftime (Marcus): Has there ever been a guy you did a scene with where you was like god damn I want to see this motherfucker when the cameras cut off?

HH: Yea I’ve dated a lot of adult stars. When I did adult film the only people I would date is male porn stars. I’ve dated Shawn Michaels and Mr. Marcus.

Halftime (Jbutters): What constitutes dating in the porn world? You already sleeping together isn’t everything else a step down. I’m being real. Haha

HH: It’s kinda like keeping it in the family. I know he’s a safe, clean person, it was convenient and I know feelings won’t really get hurt because I know where we are both coming from. Why not I’ll never have to worry about him digging in my pockets haha!.

Halftime (Jbutters): If you’re possessive at all then that will be strange if your dudes business is sleeping with other women all the time.

HH: You’d be surprised there are some jealous possessive adult stars. You can’t help it if you have feelings for someone you’re gonna get caught up. I feel a man is gonna be a man anyway, just as long as we enjoy the journey together its all good.

Halftime (Marcus): What’s the most memorable scene you have done?

I’d say in Hawaii. I did a scene where we climbed inside a non-erupting volcano.

Halftime (Marcus): Oh shit! Oh hell no.

HH: Yea, that was a great scene. I did that with Vince Voyeur.

Halftime (Jbutters): Who the hell’s idea was that?

HH: Of course Vivid Video. I didn’t know until I got there. It was like Sex Fear Factor.

Halftime (Jbutters): I know some people, rap stars or whoever, have tried to push up on you since they knew you were a porn star and figured they’d get some instant ass and you had to shut them down?

HH: Honestly, the guy downstairs ha. I think everybody think because I look the same that I jumped off a porno set yesterday. I think they think I can click on the freakyness. When it comes to cats come up to me and start talking like that I make them feel like they are talking to there mother and then they start apologizing.

Halftime (Jbutters): But you ain’t name any names so I guessed you gonna keep tight lipped on that one.

HH: That’s the thing about me I believe I hold a lot of hearts in my hand and I never want to break them with that kiss and tell stuff. You could always buy my book, it’s a guess who book so… It’s a book coming out next year called Simone and I have a club opening up called Hunters in Harlem. That opens up December 31st and it’s a bikini bar night club. I’m doing that with Timbaland and DJ Clue. The album will be out in the middle of January and it’s called HH: The Unexpected. It has production from Scott Storch on there, DJ Premier, Phantom of The Beat, Kid Capri, and Mr. Cee. It’s gonna be a beautiful thing. A lot of these cats I’ve known since I was fourteen. You have your family in the hiphop industry and at the same time if they see that you have talent why not. Everybody wants to make some money. I put everything from the adult industry into this project and my other projects. All the money is being put to something more inspiring.

Halftime (Jbutters): Aiight we gonna put you on the spot. Why don’t you spit something for us to put on the site since you seem confident in your skills.

HH: It’s very cunning lyrics with sexual content and at the same time its educational. You can masturbate to it. It’s something that’s gonna stimulate your brain as well as your feet. Here’s one: “This song nigga / fuck a long nigga / who balls slap on they thighs like ping pong niggas / a real King Kong nigga / I need a Cheech and Chong nigga / in other words dick bigga than a bong nigga.”

Halftime (Jbutters): You got anymore verses you can kick off the top?

HH: Ha, you just want to keep me going?

Halftime (Jbutters): Why not?

HH: I got a birthday party to go to. It’s my birthday.

Halftime (Jbutters): Oh word happy birthday.

Halftime (Marcus): So, who do you like right now in the rap industry?

HH: All the female emcees I have a high respect for. I’m in this game to express the talents in me. I’m not here to battle anybody unless they want to have a blowjob contest then we can do that. I’m in the game enjoying myself. But my favorite person in the world who has nothing to do with hiphop is Prince. That’s one of my idols.

Halftime (Marcus): One last quick political question. Who you voting for in November cuz it’s Vote or Die.

HH: That’s a good question. I want to say Kerry but its very confusing. It’s like do you want to work it out or go after them. I’m right in the middle because if we can get rid of both of them and put somebody else in that would be great. I haven’t really made up my mind but I hope it’s the right choice.

Magazine: HalftimeOnline

Date: November 26, 2004