Oh No

Words: Johnny "Jbutters" Mann

Saying that Mike Jackson, a.k.a. Oh No, is prolific is pretty much an understatement. The Kali Wild representative and Oxnard resident is more like a man on a mission somehow finding time to crank out up to sixty beats a month, record over forty songs for his debut, work on collaboration projects with practically everyone he meets, play a few video games and still spend time with his children. He also happens to be Madlib’s little brother, which begins to explain his work ethic and propensity to rhyme, DJ and produce. And when your dad is heading up a jazz band and your mom is a songwriter, music is always around so its inevitable that some of that talent is gonna rub off. He recalls following in his brothers and sisters footsteps playing his dad’s old records but gives Madlib the credit for getting him into hiphop and ultimately production and emceeing.

“I wasn’t even feeling hiphop at first,” admitted the budding producer. “I was real young and playing video games but I started listening to it more because we shared a room and he kept playing it. I was hearing Run DMC and hearing him and my sister rapping over the instrumentals, so I’d be at the table trying to rap with them too.”

Magazine:Elemental Magazine
Date: May 06, 2004