Mobb Deep

Words: Johnny "Jbutters" Mann; Photography: Karen Pearson

Prodigy and Havoc have been around for years paying dues and often shining in the spotlight with their violent depictions of life in the Queensbridge housing projects. After releasing their last four albums off of Loud Records and their debut on 4th and Broadway, Mobb Deep has found a new home inking a 50-50 deal with Jive records. The agreement not only sets the stage for the sixth installment of the Mobb’s unique brand of “Murda Muzik,” entitled “Amerikaz Nightmare,” it marks the beginning of their label Infamous Records.

It’s been a long journey to this point and along the way there has been plenty of success, losses of friends, drama and rap beefs, but at the end of the day it all comes back to their love for music and determination to be successful. Although I caught up with Prodigy and Havoc separately, their chemistry was still evident as they ended up echoing each other’s sentiments. That closeness is the main reason breaking up is not even a consideration. With six albums in the can and about five hundred songs in Pro Tools they have an endless supply of work to share with the world and will continue to do so until they are forced to stop. That dedication and drive is important to their consistency, but it’s their friendship that bonds them.

“We mad close it’s like we’re brothers,” begins Havoc. “From the first day we met we clicked. We have our little ups and downs, but the way it’s taught in my home if you have a problem with your brother or sister you don’t fight in public. We might have our own things going on here and there, but we’ll never do it in public and we will remain a group because we tight like that.”

Magazine:Elemental Magazine
Date: November 09, 2003