Ill Bill

Words: Johnny "Jbutters" Mann; Photography: Maya Hayuk

Many underground hip hop fans familiar with Non Phixion front man Ill Bill might describe the Brooklynite emcee as a mentally disturbed shock rapper while others view his in your face depictions of street life, sex and politics as the rawest truths ever put to wax, garnering him the nickname “Cult Leader” amongst his more devoted followers. Bill, however, insists that his goal isn’t to push people’s buttons but instead to get them to think and open their minds to make a difference. After flirting with several major labels, Bill has taken this mission into his own hands creating Uncle Howie Records to produce and distribute the fam’s music on his own terms. The first in the slew of planned releases is Bill’s own self-exploring epic, the appropriately titled “What’s Wrong with Bill?,” where he answers that often asked question and sends a striking message to fans and media alike.

“This album is me telling the world it’s on,” Bill emphasizes. “I think in a lot of ways I’m being slept on. Right now people don’t know what time it is and I ain’t having that. I feel like I’m better then all these dudes right now. Point blank, I’m the best rapper in the game right now. I don’t feel like anybody is fucking with my clique, underground or mainstream. Nas, Scarface, and Jay-Z are legends and I got mad respect for those dudes but I gotta get my respect now. I’m coming for my shit. I don’t feel like none of these dudes that’s on top of the game right now are as hungry as me and ain’t nobody dropping what we dropping either. We the illest motherfuckers out right now and ain’t nobody coming harder with the beats right now. To me the only dude that’s fucking with [my brother] Necro on the beats is Dre. That makes me unstoppable. Dre is the king and Necro is the heir to his throne. Anybody that hears my album and doesn’t understand that is a crackhead.”

Magazine:Elemental Magazine
Date: December 09, 2003