Words: Johnny "Jbutters" Mann; Photography: Teddy Scuziollo

Akinyele has finally thrown up the hip hop flag and you can either stand and be counted or forever hold your peace. Not since his debut album, “Vagina Diner,” have we seen Ak’s focus centered around lyrical fitness. The self proclaimed ‘cunning linguist’ has made a return to form after years of being asked when he was gonna leave the sexcapades alone and come back to the real shit. The new compilation, entitled “Music Killz,” will simply test the waters by revisiting lost tracks and live performances from the early 90’s with a few new joints thrown in for good measure. If the real heads represent more uncut raw lyrics will follow, if not get ready for the new album “Sex Sells” coming to a porn store near you!

“This album is almost called the real hiphopper’s bluff,” claims the Lefrak City Queens native. “For years all I heard was Ak we really wish you would go back to that old shit and now its like guess what motherfuckers here’s that old shit. Now when this old shit don’t do shit just sing these sex songs along with me. It’s like I want to tell the ‘keep it real people’ I don’t know if this crowd makes a difference anymore. I’m dying to hear a bad review because I’m like I didn’t fuck a bitch on the record. They had this stupid motherfucker named Noah Callahan from Vibe magazine and he wrote a review about my “Anakonda” album and how he didn’t like it. I’m like all the work I put into rap how dare you not listen to that shit with a good ear. This [album] is for people like that guy. When you give them this album, you just hope they pick up their pen and write the real deal. This album is just catering to the people. Now let me see do they even exist.”

Magazine:Elemental Magazine
Date: January 09, 2004