Jewelz – Brother Ali “Sweet (Potatoe Pie)”


What do I need to know?

There’s about a gazillion tracks that literally teach you how to bake pies but not quite like this.

What’s the story?

Ali swears that he can not only put it down on the mic but also in the kitchen. No recipe just off the dome and the recipe is customized so it changes every time? Color me skeptical on that one but the Brother gives a preview of how he gets busy going through the recipe only to hold back the secret ingredients and exact measurements because well he’d have to kill ya.

Yeah I rhyme kind of nice, but my sweet potato pie slice will get me five mics
Nothing out a box or a can
It’s all natural, that which grows out the land
Toss ’em in a pan, mix the white with the brown sugar
Got the mixing bowl looking like my children
Hop in and I drown them in the butter sauce
a couple tossed up eggs to make it fluffy soft
Cinnamon, nutmeg, almond, vanilla
If I tell y’all the rest, well then I got to kill ya
Even if I give you a list of the ingredients
Step by step instructions on how to season it
Just how to set your oven when preheating it
Shit just ain’t gonna taste the same unless Ali did it
I ain’t just putting pie on your table
I’m trying to bring a tear for your eye for your baby

And if he doesn’t kill you the pie probably will as Ali points out the ill effects of too much munching on the sugar and butter that makes up the bulk of said pie in the second verse. Way to be a buzz kill Brother Ali!

Is it any good?

Rather than a desert the track was an appetizer for the Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color album that followed. Brother Ali flips Common’s “Sweet” by taking out the beef and adding veggies and vanilla extract instead. It’s creative and original so props on that and as I stated above while he gets all braggadocio about his cooking skills he still leaves ya with a message to eat right.

Type of knowledge dropped?

Health knowledge for the diabetes and healthy portions advice. It’s not deep or profound but like my man Blueprint said its nice to hear “emcees that rap about the consequence instead of glorifying a lifestyle that lacks any type of common sense.”

[message_box title=”Additional Details” color=”white”]Artist: Brother Ali
Album: Freestyle
Year Released: 2012
Producer: NO I.D.
Label: Rhymesayers




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