Jewelz – Boogie Down Productions “Beef”


What do I need to know?

Mr. Knowledge Reigns Supreme has so many Jewelz that we could make the entire section about his catalog alone. Throughout his career KRS has taken us on a journey that has seen his stances on everything from politics, religion and yes food evolve as he has grown. “Beef” comes off of the 1990 Edutainment album that covers a number of socio-political topics from the Blastmaster.

What’s the story?

On “My Philosophy,” KRS let us know he’s down with a vegetarian diet passing on “goat or ham or chicken or turkey or hamburger.” On “Beef” you start to understand why as he details the specifics on how meat gets to the supermarket and ultimately onto your plate. Not appetizing to say the least. In the midst of completely disgusting you with details, KRS calls out the FDA as legal drug dealers for slanging meat as a truly healthy and needed part of your diet. If the best way to get people to give up meat is to go to a slaughterhouse then this is the audio version of that experience.

Let us begin with the cow
The way it gets to your plate and how
The cow doesn’t grow fast enough for man
So through his greed he makes a faster plan
He has drugs to make the cow grow quicker
Through the stress the cow gets sicker
Twenty-one different drugs are pumped
Into the cow in one big lump
So just before it dies, it cries
In the slaughterhouse full of germs and flies
Off with the head, they pack it, drain it, and cart it
And there it is, in your local supermarket
Red and bloody, a corpse, neatly packed
And you wonder about heart attacks?

Is it any good?

One verse is all it takes and KRS goes in on the government, suggests reading material for you to improve your diet, educates on the unnatural way animals are grown to increase size etc. And this was way before cloning meat and pink slime! I could only imagine the sequel. Lyrics are still extremely relevant, however, the beat doesn’t have the same lasting appeal to me. Regardless, KRS is one of the best at edutainment and here knowledge was dropped!

Type of knowledge dropped?

Health Knowledge and even some political as well when discussing the role the government plays in the current American diet.

[message_box title=”Additional Details” color=”white”]Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Album: Edutainment
Year Released: 1990
Producer: KRS-One
Label: Jive/RCA Records




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