Book Report: The Making of Adventures in Counter Culture


“I set out to make the best album I could make and ended up becoming a better person in the process.” – Blueprint

In just one sentence Blueprint summarizes why his second book, The Making of Adventures in Counter Culture, is much more than just some extended liner notes and behind the scenes moments. The book chronicles a difficult five year time span (2006-2011) during which Print dealt with death, alcoholism, depression, financial troubles and artistic motivation while working to complete the album.

The book is organized to mirror the track listing and is a great companion piece as each chapter gives you insight into the recording process and inspirations for each selection. If you haven’t heard the album I recommend giving it a few listens first to develop your own impressions. Then listen again as you thumb through. At just over 130 pages its an easy read. You can thrown on a joint and then quickly read the corresponding section for some nice tidbits like the radio session that spawned “Radio-Inactive” or the synthesizer used to create the backdrop for “Go Hard or Go Home.”

However, even as you gobble up those nuggets you quickly find yourself returning to the quote that started this piece. Through the trials and tribulations, breakthroughs or creative endeavors you find a man better for going through the process. Whether it was improving focus, relationships, self esteem or dealing with said losses and depression, the process of creating the project was the therapy. At the end of the day this is a nice read and the album is a good addition to Print’s catalog and it seems he is a better person for it.

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