Book Report: Blueprint “Word is Blog” Volume 1

WordIsBlog_Cover_FINALWEBBlueprint’s first literary work, “Word is Blog,” is a ‘best of’ collection of his online musings between 2010 and 2011 from his site In it Print covers a variety of topics from the random (his love of napkins and favorite words) to the more serious (dealing with alcoholism and the death of friend and fellow emcee Eyedea).

While Print covers a number of topics the book is a surprisingly cohesive and quick read that gives you a snippet into a year of his life. I particularly enjoyed the more serious topics. When Print reflects on how he and Eyedea became friends and developed a routine of searching out battles in any city they were both present its a celebration of their friendship as much as it is a mourning of the loss. Blueprint also documents the first year of sobriety after coming to grips with his descent into alchoholism.

While the general purpose of the book was to reach those not checking his site on a regular basis it’s probably not the same if you read them randomly online. Each piece is a well written glimpse into the mind of Printmatic given you insight into the person behind the music.

You can get a copy of Word is Blog at one of Print’s shows or online at

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