Book Report: Mo Metta Blues (The World According to Questlove)

Questlove of the legendary Roots crew pens his first book putting a twist on the standard memoir approach adding just enough variety to give you a bit more than just the standard back stories and insights. Its a fun and easy read recommended for any fan of The Roots.
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Digital Rewind: Kid Tsunami – The Chase

This is just a classic boom-bap Australia to NYC mash-up with an all star lineup to boot.
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Book Report: The Making of Adventures in Counter Culture

"The Making of Adventures in Counter Culture," is much more than just some extended liner notes and behind the scenes moments. It chronicles a difficult five year time span (2006-2011) during which Print dealt with death, alcoholism, challenging relationships, financial troubles and artistic motivation while working to complete the album and ends with self improvement and a quality product.
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